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Why You Should Dare to Modify Your Assignments

June 14, 2015

Every assignment has a starting point, an opportunity that offers several options. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that they do have a choice.

Imagine the following situation: You receive an assignment from your boss. You can now choose the option of following instructions exactly as they have been given and ‘do as you are told, no questions asked’.

Or you can dare to modify the original assignment. Fortunately most of the time, you do have a choice. Make it.

Modify your projects to meet both the needs of the market as well as your own needs. Obviously you cannot redraw the whole map – but you can adjust the original assignment: You can fine-tune it and put a different spin on the project so you learn new things.

Reshape and redesign the project, so it contains a personal development dimension where you can justifiably test out fresh ideas. Consider how you might change the scope of your initial plans so that it will broaden your spectrum of skills.

Enlarge, change or twist the project to enable you to work in a way that is rewarding both to the company and to you. More than once you are able to convert an initially mundane assignment into a fascinating project and great opportunity to grow.

Remember: Your projects reflect your professional identity. The kind of work you do labels you in the eyes of the people with whom you work. If your projects appear dull, flat and boring, people will tend to associate exactly these attributes with you as well.

If your projects appear interesting, imaginative and innovative, this is how you will be seen. So pose your self the question: What do you want as your image?

Have the courage to exert your influence and shape your projects in such a way that they help you realize your aspirations.

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