Discover the Hidden Objectives in Your Company

In many large companies, there are overt (obvious) and covert (hidden) objectives. The latter are usually associated with power plays and personal career plans.

Examples of covert rules include
– Pleasing the boss is more important than pleasing the customer
– Always keep your turf clean
– Change jobs frequently before your mistakes can be discovered.

Make sure you are aware of these hidden rules before you assume responsibility for any project.

Candor is something that highly desirable but often lacking.

Remember: You and your project or your brand are only a piece in the overall picture and the power structure of the company you are currently working in.

Discover the real agenda behind any project you are leading. Get everything out on the table. Find a good opportunity to ask your boss explicitly about it. It is important to know the stakeholder’s personal objectives. These stakeholders may include senior management, middle management or other teams or business units that you depend on for the success of your project.

Armed with that knowledge, you can adjust your plans and your projects accordingly.

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