Multi Channel Marketing

If you increase the number of avenues to which your customers have access to you, you will multiply the business opportunities. You achieve this by increasing the number of channels through which prospects can contact you and by connecting all of these channels.
If done correctly, multi channel marketing helps you to

– Gain more impact
– Achieve results more effectively
– Enhance customer loyalty
– Increase product revenue.

Multi Channel Marketing (MCM) is sometimes also called cross channel strategy or cross channel management or multichannel management.

It means interacting with prospects and customers via various ways such as print ads, websites, emails, events and face-to-face conversations.

The objective is to make it easy for a customer to interact with you. The customer can then buy or order or get information in whatever way he thinks is most convenient.

Thus, multichannel marketing is accommodating the customer’s choice.

To be effective, multichannel marketing needs to deliver consistent messages and offerings through all channels.

Your goal is to provide a great customer experience – independent of the channel the customer is using.

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